Coaching & Consulting

Since 2013, I’ve been coaching clients in a variety of subjects via phone, video calls, check-in apps, and in-person meetings. Digital Coaching

I am Digitally Coaching Certified by Digital behavioral coaching is a cutting edge branch of coaching that takes place over messaging platforms like text messaging, email, Slack, Facebook Messenger or inside the app. 

Chris is awesome with helping to continually tweak and adjust habits as needed to make it more personal. He is quick to respond and very helpful. Great coach!
— Carry

Phone/Video Sessions

For years I’ve been taking consulting calls through It’s a great way to get fast answers and advice on a variety of topics. Calls can often be booked on the same day.

Chris is amazing! Well versed in many areas including health, fitness, and time management. I like his style and approach.
— Carolyn

Other Opportunities

I’m always open to customized forms of coaching if that’s what the client needs. If you’re in the Bay Area that could be in-person sessions. I’ve had success with e-mail an assignment-based coaching as well. Just send me a note on the contact page and let me know what you need!

Chris coached me in moving a business initiative forward which was always falling into the “important but not urgent” category. We worked on strategies of getting something (anything) done in regular intervals, During our coaching, we released a new site around the offering, increased our client business related to this initiative, and also won a grant. Chris has been a fantastic resource to bounce ideas off of, and provide valuable sanity checks and feedback on how I was balancing/prioritizing this against the normal work and life tasks and priorities.
— Tom